Gate Tips & Tricks

GATE Tips & Tricks

  • First complete the part that interests you or sections or topic in which you are most strong. This helps to build confidence which is the key factor and assures you increase in score.
  • Second step is strongly prepared the sections or parts in which you are  weak. Focus must be on clear concepts& understandings, followed by practicing.
  • Keep solving previous year’s question papers to get a clear idea of what level and type of questions are expected in GATE exam.
  • Please be 100% sure and then tick mark the right answer. Do not make any guess as there is negative marking associated with the questions. Always make sure about the exact answer and then only put the tick mark.
  • Questions on Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude are usually very easy and so, do nor skip them prepare well. It will take lees time compare to others vast syllabus subjects.
  • Prepare short& to the point notes to each subject which are extremely useful for last minute revision.
  • If you have enough confidence and think you can clear it without any coaching, then you should not go for it.
  • At last, always remember that hard work and dedication is the key of success.